2 comments on “My Life As A Music Video (insert dramatic point here).

  1. Many of us just sat on the sidelines.
    I think I first saw MTV in 1982. That sound right? I tried to figure out how I could possibly afford cable TV.

  2. Hey John,

    No mention of league city, or Adam Ant video’s, no Rocky Horror reference???;?
    Or late night stoned walks threw our (sub-division) with you me and Kathy????
    What about our very short lived band, the Benz, we had the whole concept down, our first album (yep still albums back then, and cassette of course) but our first album cover was going to be the the of us posed around an antique Mercedes Benz.
    Our first video was going to be shot on, in, and around the Benz.
    Kathy was going to write the songs, and we where all going to sing.
    That’s as far as our little band ever got, it always makes me laugh, to think we had this entire concept, and never sang one song!!!! But we had a lot of fun planning and thinking about it!!!! LoL !!! Great memories!!!

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